Christ, our Defender from Old

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr
(Mini Camp Meeting – Sabbath School)

Saturday, 7th July, 2018

Key text: Psalm 3

Righteous Life under Attack

The path of life is figuratively speaking “narrow” not only because it calls for self-denial and commitment to truth but also because it is assailed by many enemies. Many people would not tread that path because they would rather live for their lusts, but neither would they allow those who choose to go down that path do so in peace.

Christ, our Defender from the Old

A Jealous Spirit Lives in Us

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 25th November, 2017)

 Key text:

“Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The Spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?” (Jam. 4:5).

If you want to see the power of jealousy in action, go witness the jealousy of a wife scorned or a husband cuckolded! The rage is terrible and the hurt deep. Some get into all sorts of tantrums, smashing the TV to the floor, throwing and smashing plates, getting hold of offensive objects and spewing expletives too vile to repeat here! It’s a nasty scene to behold!

A Jealous Spirit Lives in Us

The LORD’s Memorial Service

By: Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

On the Occasion of: The LORD’s Memorial Service

Date: Wednesday, 29th March, 2018 (Sundown) : Hebrew Calendar: 14th  Abib/Nisan

“Eat, this is My Body; Take, Drink ye My Blood of the New Covenant”

Red-Blood Nights of Redemption

It was a solemn evening. The nail-biting moments of betrayal, trial, suffering and death were approaching menacingly. Like the Passover of old, it was “a night to be much observed” (Ex. 12:42). Back then, actual Paschal lambs were slain and eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs, with the blood of the lambs daubed on the doorposts of the Israelites (Ex. 12:6-8).

Israel’s redemption was close at hand. After a prolonged challenge to God who had brought upon the Egyptians a series of plagues, the Pharaoh was unnerved but would still not let Israel go!

The Lord’s Memorial Service

Are We on the Threshold of a New World Order?

If you follow the news, you will no doubt notice an exciting phenomenon: Our world is ‘shrinking’ rapidly. Societies are intermingling even as economies are fusing and becoming ever interdependent.

Global trade and technology appear to be driving the trend.  We now live in a global village; globalization is the buzzword.

But politics is not entirely out of the picture. As well as economic integration, the political integration of the nations of the world is on the agenda of the global elites calling the shots. The perennial concerns of humanity are now addressed from the perspective of an emergent ‘international community’.

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The World in Search of a Superman

Our generation faces an uncertain future. The unending stream of bad news says it all! Will this future bring on the doom of humanity or usher in a new beginning for mankind?

A frightening new age looms before us. While we live in relatively peaceful times, a new menace is on the loose—global terrorism. Some see a coming clash of civilizations, particularly between the West and Islam, which could precipitate the end of human civilization itself!

Is man on a collision course with catastrophe? Will the current geopolitical tensions escalate to such a point that a third world war will be inevitable? Should such a dire scenario come true, will the nations be restrained from resorting to nuclear weapons which could plunge the world into an unimaginable inferno?

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