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Christ’s Mission of Restoration

By: Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

 (Sabbath 5 April, 2008)

When Jesus came to earth. He came to meet a world in distress, a world that needed to be healed and restored. For this purpose was He sent by the Father and rightly so. for He had a hand in its creation.

What a poignant spectacle then might have greeted Him as He walked the earth! The world He created so perfect—a blessing—was now full of sick, poor and oppressed people. Everywhere He went, it was curse and pain all round. One legend even has il that Jesus was so saddened by the curse-ravaged state of the world that He never once laughed; He had no reason to.

The world He made to be a blessing was now full of curses with sickness and death reigning supreme. If the earth will again have hope, there was a need for a Restorer.

Christ’s Mission of Restoration