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In Christ is the Righteousness of the Law

 “Christ and the Law” as a topic of Christian discussion has been a controversial subject for centuries in Christianity. Often, the tendency has been to drive a wedge between Christ and the Law of God with the argument made that each belonged to a different dispensation in salvation history: the Dispensation of Law belonged to the past, the O.T era, while Christ brought a new dispensation called the Dispensation of Grace.

The flaw of this theological argument is that both Grace and Law can be traced back to the Old Testament era and forward into the New Testament era. The God of our salvation is a God of Grace and Law, a God of mercy and justice.

That is why the topic ‘Christ and the Law’ is itself problematic, as it presupposes an adversarial relationship between Christ and the Law. It should be ‘Christ is the Law’, for in Christ Jesus is fulfilled all the fulness of the purposes and effects of the Law of God.

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