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The Power and Glory of a Faultless Covenant

2015 New Year Camp Meeting

Sabbath School

(Booklets supplied)


Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr


Many Christians love to talk about the New Covenant with ‘holy pride’. And sure, it’s a blessing to take hold of God’s New Covenant.

But then, how many understand the real nature of the New Covenant?  Even more important, how many understand the sacred obligations of the covenant partners? Is the New Covenant about the abolition of God’s law? And is it completely detached from Israel?

For the average churchgoer, the answers may be somewhat unexpected and even unsettling. But suffice it to say that the New Covenant releases into your life limitless divine power to live God’s will as you have never done before!  It’s your heavenly instrument of holy living, and of true redemption and eternal glory. It’s a priceless gift from God to you through Jesus Christ, “the Mediator of the New Covenant”.

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The Power and Glory of a Faultless Covenant