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Barren Rejoice!

By Elder Enoch Ofori Jnr

(Sabbath Sermon, 19th October, 2013)

From Nothing to Life and Abundance

It’s ageless past. What will later be called the universe is a vast empty space. Nothing moves. Nothing breathes. It’s total silence. You could hear a pin drop! Suddenly from nowhere comes a jangling crashing sound, lights flash across in an iridescent display of brightness.  A mighty voice has roared across the vast emptiness of time ‘Let there be’! Giant luminous orbs appear in the atmosphere, earth appears, light appears, sea is formed out of earth, vegetation appear, sea life appear, animals appear. Man appears made in the likeness of God Almighty.

The emptiness is bustling with life and goodness. The voice of the Creator has replaced nothingness with fullness, nonexistence with abundance of life. He will always be God:

Barren Rejoice