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Sabbath vs. Sun – Day

There has been only one change in the calendar since Jesus was on earth. This change did in no way affect the day of the week, only the day of the month. God would never have said “REMEMBER THE SABBATH” and then allowed time to have been lost. Six days creation, then the seventh day, Blessed and Sanctified for man by God. Mark 2:27.

By Elder Garver C. Gray.
1. Both named and numbered By God Ex. 20:10. “But the seventh day is The Sabbath of the Lord Thy God.” 1. Only numbered anywhere in the Bible.
2. Called the Sabbath by God. 2. Called the Venerable Day of the Sun by Constantine.
3. Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath mARK 2:28 3. The Pope takes credit for the authority of the 1 st day of the week.
4. Instituted at Creation for Man. Gen. 2:1; Mk 2:27. 4. Instituted by man A.D. 321.
5. Instituted by God. Ge. 2:2 5. Instituted by Constantine.
6. Was sanctified by God. 6. Was set apart by the Pope.
7. Endorsed by the Remant Church Rev. 12:17; 14:12 7. Endorsed by the Universal Church.
8. Kept by patient saints who kept the faith of Jesus. Rev. 14:12; Eph. 4:13; Jude 3; Heb. 4:3. 8. Kept by Babylon and her daughters.
9. Approved by God’s Law. 9. Approved by Canon law, also Civil law in most countries.
10. Keeping of blessed by God, Isa. 56:2-5; 58:12-14. 10. No blessing promised by God, Church or state.
11. Sanctioned 58 times in the New Testament. 11. Mentioned only 8 times in the New Testament and never as a day of worship.
12. Jesus prophesied in A.D. 30 it would still be kept in A.D. 70, also at the time of his coming. Matt. 24:20. 12. Daniel prophesied that a king would arise and think to change times and laws. (change of days from ending at Sundown to ending at Midnight, etc.) Daniel 7:25.
13. Is a sign of obedience Exodus 31:13,14. 13. Is a sign of disobedience 1 John 3:4.
14. Jesus was resurrected on this day, Matt. 12:38-40 14. The women came to the sepulchre on this day, Matt. 28:1; Mk. 16:2; Luke 24:1; John 20:1
15. Is a shadow of the Millenium, II Peter 3:8; Isa. 66:22-23. 15. Is a proof of darkness to anyone endorsing it, Isaiah 8:20.
16. A good understanding have all they that do his Commandments, Psalms 111:10; Deut. 4:6 16. The man that wandereth out of the way of under standing shall remain in the congregation of the dead. Proverbs21:16.
17. Expression of love for Keeping the commandments, John 14:15,23 17. Curse for hating or abhoring (doing differently than commanded) Leviticus 26:14-18.
18. We should honor the Son, John 5:23 18. Not worship the sun, Ezek. 8:16; Deut. 4:15-19
19. If Jesus would want us to keep another day would He not have spoken of it? Hebrew 4:8 19. Man disagrees and keeps the day sun worshippers have kept for centuries.
20. If we enter into his rest we cease from our own works as He did, Hebrews 4:10 20. . Man chooses his own day of rest by following tradition. Matt. 15:9.
21. When we receive the new Covenant he writes His laws in our hearts and in our minds, Hebrew 10: 16; Gen 49:10; Heb.13:8 21. If we refuse the new covenant we say the law was nailed to the cross, etc.
Six thousand years, then the Millenium (one thousand year reign of Christ with the Saints). There will be no eight thousand years of time, nor will there be a thousand year reign after the Millenium for the first day people.

At the close of the Millenium, the angel swears by Him that liveth forever and ever that there should be time no longer. Rev. 10:6; 20:6; II Peter 3:8.